URL preview not shown anymore


As far as I remember, there was always a preview shown for links in posts that I created in the past.

I just recognized that this is not the case anymore. Whenever I create a new post with a link inside, the link is clickable, but no preview is generated. The version on my pod is Did this functionality disappear (and if so, is it a bug or a feature?), or is it a misconfiguration / misbehavior on my side (and if so, what can I do to inspect and reenable it)?

I am recognizing the behavior with two accounts on the pod. (and btw., if someone who is reading this post is on diasporasocial.net, can you verify if it is the same for you)?

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I’m seeing post previews using a different pod, so I think this must be an issue with your pod. I’m afraid I can’t help you to solve it, so as no one has replied here yet, you could try for some real-time help via the diaspora* IRC channel: How we communicate - diaspora* project wiki

Hopefully someone there will pick it up and respond.

Link previews aren’t generated in real-time, they’re processed in the background after the post has been sent. Depending on your setup, this could take a couple of seconds (check /sidekiq while you’re logged into your admin account).

Also, URL previews aren’t generated for all links. We fetch URLs and then search for OpenGraph metadata on that specific URL. If there is no OpenGraph metadata, we don’t show a link preview. So to make this report actionable, we’d also need to know an affected URL.

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Hm, I just tested it. It seems to work with https://www.heise.de, but not with https://www.zeit.de/. That would mean that for zeit.de there is no OpenGraph meta data? Sounds strange…

I couldn’t figure out how to track the processing with sidekiq. I’ve seen some jobs going on when I published my test post, but could not relate them to which is actually being done. Are there log entries about these things that I could simply inspect on the shell?

BTW, how is the logging organized anyway? I use Brad Koehn’s docker image, which essentially starts the process via scripts/server. This would rely to put all the logs on stdout, so that you can watch them via docker logs <container-id> (and have proper rotating via the container framework). But there are apparently no logs on stdout, when I do the docker logs ..., there is just the startup message.
Is there any way to get better logging on stdout?

Regarding the logging question, I’ve found out now that there is a logging section in the config. And there is another option in the server section.
I suspect that there might be a config option to put in one of these places, which would put the log on stdout instead of writing them in the file log/production.log… but which option is that (if my assumption is correct at all)?

Also how to get all the logs on stdout, of all stuff that creates logs inside the container, inkl. sidekiq and this “eye” log, etc…

zeit.de does not have OpenGraph metadata. It’s a redirect to https://www.zeit.de/index. And if I share this URL, or any other article URL, the link previews generates just fine.

We don’t officially support logging to stdout. You can tell sidekiq to do that, but you’d have to change the initializer file, not just a config file.