Use Drupal as platform for the relaunch

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Proposal: Use Drupal as platform for the relaunch

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 6
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 0
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(Flaburgan) #3

I never used Drupal, so I’m ok to give it a try.

However, I used Joomla and I have to say that I didn’t really like it. I felt non free to do what I want… It was too much complicated. How is drupal ?

(altruism) #4

I agree with you on Joomla! I have used other CMS, but not Drupal. But other members of the community have Drupal experience and they seam to like it.

(Sean Tilley) #5

+9000 to Florian. Joomla is painful to work with.

(Sean Tilley) #6

All blog posts from and have been migrated over, along with comments. While there needs to be some work done yet, this signifies an important milestone: aside from some general “About” pages demonstrating Diaspora as a project and community, most of the content is ready.