User friendly profile paths

At the moment a diaspora* user will have a profile path something like:

Is there a way to use the user’s username in the path instead, so for user “david” it would look like this:

Thanks in advance!

Substitute ‘u’ (for user) for ‘people’:

Note that this only works for links including that person’s home pod’s domain; the beauty of the guid path is that it works cross-network, so that someone can replace your pod’s domain with theirs and see your profile page in their pod, so that they can interact with you. You can also include that path, minus the domain, in markdown in a post to create a link that anyone can click to see your profile in their pod, no matter which pod they use:

[David Cunningham](/people/aa11bb22cc33dd44ee55ff66)

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Awesome, thank you for that!

You’re welcome! [must make it up to 20 characters…]