User reported problems with reachability of content affecting my pod (maybe due to not running newest version of diapora*?)

Hello. A podizen of my pod reported the following problems here, which I reposted in Community Spotilight.

Hey, @Juho of, is there some kind of special rules for content from other pod on ?

A run several accounts on various pods and lately, I wasn’t able to ping my consimium profile in order to make it interract with specif post …
plus I cant reeach specific post even if it contains #hashtags !

hope to read from you soon or later.

I’m thinking this is probably due to the pod running version (old OS, unable to meet dependencies for, but I’ve planned migration and upgrade)

I would just need some more knowledgeable people to give an opinion if the reported problems are likely to be caused by the old version of the code that is running the pod.

I’d need this information because if there is something broken now and I migrate and upgrade it as broken, it may lead to a situation that is harder to unbreak.

This may be of relevance: My configuration file is still in .yml-format, haven’t gotten around to converting it to .toml

Unlikely that this is coming from the diaspora* code. There are only minor differences between 0.7.14 and 0.7.15.

I just tried to ping him from and it looks like everything is working correctly.