Using and monetizing diaspora as an X social network


Social networks are very diverse in its nature, in my case I use Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, StackOverflow for different reasons, and also there are some social networks which overlaps or have the same purpose as these I mentioned, like Google+, Meetup, … . The thing is that I am not sure if I am mixing the concept of social network with other concepts.

Well, my question is how this different natures are treated in Diaspora?

I am thinking about building upon diaspora a social network that is:

  • owned by their users, in the current situation, diaspora podmins are the ones that have the control of each node, I pass the control to most valuable users by tracking and defining metrics that allow to identify these users
  • handle the different natures of the different social networks, I am not how this is possible, but what I am thinking is in allowing users to build the social network, for example giving users the ability to moderate, add new features, etc., through voting.
  • one of the natures I am very interested in is in one that converts a pod into a marketplace, a site specialized to know people for making business, is this in the path of Diaspora’s interests or ethics?

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Let me see if I understand your intentions correctly:

  1. You want some kind of algorithm that self-promotes user in a admin position (probably with approval)
  2. You want users to be able to enable features by consensus with the community
  3. You want a module that would transform diaspora into a marketplace

What I think is:

  1. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Also, tracking users metrics kinda strikes me as an attack to privacy.
  2. It’s a big architectural challenge (and possibly a maintenance nightmare for podmins), but I think enabling additional features would be very cool, possibly though Aspects, like it’s with the current instant chat feature (you are probably not aware of it, as it’s only in the “develop” branch, we are still “baking” it)
  3. Nope, doing business with diaspora or within it does not seem to violate the ethics behind diaspora. That is cool.

Thanks for answering.

  1. Privacy is at risk when others can gain unauthorized access to metrics, but not for the fact of collecting metrics. To measure user behavior and to assign value according these metrics engages users, which I feel is now a big interest in Diaspora community.

  2. Is there an API for developers to create a module that can be enabled disabled? I found this

  3. ok.