Where is this discussion gone?

(Balaco) #1

A few days ago, I received an email message which pointed me to a very relevant subject. I could not look at it immediately. Now, I just tried it, but I receive just a really bad “does not exist” error.

What happened with the thread “Creating Unofficial Pages of Reputed Content Creators” that existed in the URL



Has it been removed? Why? Can it be restored? I want to see what was discussed in it.

(Dennis Schubert) #2

Grievance Against Discourse Moderators

(Dennis Schubert) #3

(Balaco) #4

That topic does not have a solution, as it “says”, and it did not get an answer:


So I simply repeat. Where is that thread gone?

(Benjamin Neff) #5

The answer in your thread links to this other thread which contains the answer to your question. Everything was already discussed there, so please stop opening new threads about this.