Why can I not see members of my pod from other pods?

I can see other pods from mine, but not my pod from others. I want to get my instance federated, but it seems something is not right for that to happen. I am using the Diaspora Bitnami Stack, so I hope you all are familiar and can provide assistance. Thank you!

Please share your pod’s URL.


For some reason your .well-known/host-meta 404s: https://freedomofpress.rocks/.well-known/host-meta

So, if I resolve this underlying issue, then I will no longer have the problem I described in my original post?

I will begin looking into this matter, but I am honestly not even sure where to start so this will definitely be fun. Hopefully its an easy fix.

It’s just the first thing I ran into, I cannot promise there aren’t more issues.

Honest advice: make a backup of your database, delete everything, start again not using Bitnami but instead following our official installation guides, restore the database dump.

I had done this previously @denschub, but ran into 502 and then 403 errors which is why I figured I would give Bitnami a go. But, as we can see here, Bitnami gave its own errors as well. I have had an instance set up before from the instructions you mentioned, but its been over a year since that time. I am sure that I just made a mistake somewhere along the way that caused the 502/403 errors which led me to my frustrations, so I suppose that I will take your advice and give it another go again.

Thank you both!

If you run into issues following our guides, feel free to ask for help here. We know how our guide and the resulting setup looks like, so we’re very comfortable helping you if things go wrong - which is not the case for a Bitnami install :slight_smile:

Very well then; I appreciate it! :slight_smile: