Wiki Prototype

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Been working on setting this up. You can find the current Drupal wiki prototype here:

Currently, it:

  • Supports markdown
  • Makes use of Drupal’s “Wikitools” module
  • Each wiki page can generate revisions with a Diff that you can look at.
  • Using the freelinking module, one can set it up to auto-direct to a Creation page. This functionality is essentially the same as Wikipedia’s.
  • Pages have support for comments, which is appended to the “Talk” tab.

Right now, I’m in the process of duplicating existing wiki content, sectioning it off, and then creating some views to make some “last updated” lists.

Additionally, we can make use of Taxonomy for indexing and tagging wiki pages if we really want to.

TODO: Make FreeLinking create a new page, rather than search for an existing one.

Not to criticise or anything, but a wiki module for a cms will always lack in comparison to a ‘real’ wiki.
Personally I’d much rather use two separate pieces of software and integrate user login than bend one solution to serve as both.

Not a problem, no offense was taken. :slight_smile: Thanks for the input.

If we want to take that route and just use an authenticated Wikipedia on a subdomain, there seem to be a few good modules available worth considering:

  1. MediaWiki Users
  2. MediaWiki auth:

In the first example, MediaWiki users seem to override Drupal users, so that you have to be registered on the wiki to log in to the Drupal site. In the second, the opposite approach is taken, and the wiki can be registered on and logged in with using a Drupal account instead.

I think the second option might be a good one worth trying out. If anything, that might just save me time trying to unnecessarily recreate functionality.

I also think the second option you mentioned would be best, considering that there is a Persona/BrowserID plugin for Drupal and none (or just an unfinished one) for MediaWiki.

Oh, and tell me, if I can help you with anything. Your Drupal testsite is looking good already.

Does the drupal wiki markup work fine for creating new pages and checking for exsting? I have not done the video tutorial yet. Or do you have another howto ? @Sean

I agree with Florian that an experienced mediawiki user will be handicapped in drupal and separated tools might be preferred.
Both ways could be followed for some weeks even though. It might become comfortable to convert wiki nodes other cms content for example.

Yeah, I’ve come to agree with Florian. However, we need to think about whose server we’ll be hosting this on. I have a VPS, but it’s hosting a few sites already. So, we need to organize:

  1. Domain Name for project site
  2. where to host it.

I figure no one has any objections, so I’ll purchase the domain and save us a world of trouble with trying to get the old project site out of the hands of whoever owns it.

Would someone be willing to host it on a community-supported server?

After that, I can set up a Mediawiki on a sub-domain as, and we can integrate it into the main site through the second described method.

somewhere i read the domain suggestion of

the modified name with a hyphen is in danger to create more confusion… IMO

hosting: I could create an for wiki and or for drupal. This is a nerdy provider where you pay as much as you want, minimum 1€/month space is 10GB, traffic is fine I think. For administration ssh keys of a few people can be added.

I think is problematic for two reasons:

  1. We want the site to be a main hub that serves both the project and the community. I think some problems have come up because the project site itself served very little purpose, but if you look at the major community-driven project sites, they tend to both showcase what’s going on in their community, while also informing newcomers of their project, and also pointing resources to those who need it. The project consists of, ultimately, the community.

  2. Although it’s a minor point, is a pretty long URL. isn’t the greatest solution, but it’s at least four characters shorter.

At the very least, we can shut down the old duplicate site by shutting down The Diaspora Project Heroku app. Better yet, we could even alter it for a short while to just say “Hey, the project moved!”, and point to the new site. I intend to move over.

However, there is one other alternative domain we could get our hands on, as a volunteer that owned it mentioned it to me a while ago: It’s fairly short, and in a strange sense, the user can get a sense of personhood with the .me extension.

I’ve already purchased the URL for safekeeping, in case we decided to go with it (10 bucks isn’t bad), so it’s there if we really need it.

What say you, Groove?

as far as hosting goes:
I think we should write to some of the most common webhosting agencies in the US and Europe (because that’s where most of the ‘team’ is currently located) and ask them what they can offer us as an open-source ‘for-the-good-of-mankind’ project.
Maybe some of them would be willing to provide ‘special’ offers to us?

I have researched a little and I found those VPS hosting sites were recommended quite often (after digging through a load of crap search results): (15% discount, if paid for 24 months) (now part of rackspace, seems pricey) (someone mentioned discounts for oss projects) is also looking nice

anyone want to email them real quick and see if we can get compareable offers from them?

It would be really great to see some price comparisons. If no one wants to do it, I can look them up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Using my own VPS for now for, MediaWiki is set up at, I’ll be moving over our GitHub wiki stuff to it.

Also, feel free to register on the project site by going to You can’t do a whole lot yet, but the main functionality (pages, content types, fields, Views, panels, user pages, the planet, etc) are all there.

Majority of the wiki has been moved over, just need to get the Podmin Resources going, and do one last one-over to see whatever changes I may have missed. Also, need to do the integration plugin still.

Go check out the madness at:

btw. I was just looking through the phpMyAdmin wiki and I really like the way they are doing the FAQ. So maybe we could ‘get inspired’ by that for our wiki :wink:

Sean, it looks like a bunch of the wiki articles need reformatting? I’m somewhat familiar with MediaWiki formatting, I might be able to cobble together a regex to fix it.

Yeah, I’m working on re-formatting a few of them here and there. I plan on doing them once I get all of the Podmin/Installation Guides moved over and converted. Any help would, of course, be lovely. :slight_smile:

Hey there. Didn’t notice that you compared hosting. I use OVH in France, the service is REALLY good, and it is cheap.

Look at and, moreover, their “low cost” solutions : (only in french, but easy to understand, if you don’t get something, just ask me.)

By the way, my reason to post here was that we (Mozilla) are developing an extension for mediawiki to add persona support. You can find an alpha version there :

Also dead cheap no-thrills but always working is - mad cheap, host my pod and a few sites there.