Word Filter Notifications

I’d like to ask if I can setup a list of words and/or phrases in the admin section, and if anyone makes a post that contains those certain words or phrases, I can receive notifications to review them. Currently, I have to manually go to everyone’s page and make sure they aren’t posting things they shouldn’t be (i.e., spammers). I don’t want to do that, it’s a real pain in the butt, but it’d be nice to get notified on actual questionable posts.

Additional request: Display a percentage of engaged users, i.e. users who have made posts in the last month or in the last quarter of a year. Users who just make an account and don’t make any posts may be closed due to inactivity.

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There already is a feature to autoremove inactive users. You have to set this in config/diaspora.yml (uncomment the existing lines if you used the example.yml from the base install)
To activate this, start your favorite teksteditor and open config/diaspora.yml
search the ##Maintenance section
remove the # before “remove_old_users” and adapt the amount of days an account can be inactive on your pod and the amount of days before the account expires you start to send warning messages.
You can limit the amount of accounts to remove per day:

 remove_old_users: ## Section
    enable: true
    after_days: xxx
    warn_days: xx

    ## Limit queuing for removal per day.
    limit_removals_to_per_day: xxx

For the extention of the admin options: double PLUS! Sure could use more admin options.

Hmmmm, not sure that I would want to remove them, but I would like to email them.

It’s the decision of the podmin to enable this option or not. IMO if an account is not active for a very long time (like 3years+) personally I don’t see a reason to keep such accounts alive. If you start messaging owners of such accounts long before deletion (like 3-6 months) they should have enough time to reconsider for themselves if they want to keep the account. Logging in is enough to avoid deletion.

On my pod I just set the deletion time on 990 days (almost 3 years) and warntime to 90 days. Not that there will be any deletion anytime soon since my pod is up just 2 months or so…