Xabber Web Integration

Xabber web https://web.xabber.com is an opensource XMPP client which is more feature-complete than JSXC or Converse.js and also has an android version.

In my testing, it plays very well with the prosody setup in Diaspora* and also supports audio/video, file transfers and many other XMPP XEPs

I’m wondering if anybody has already played around with Xabber web in terms of integration, or if anyone knows where I should start looking in the Diaspora* source to disable JSXC to replace with something else?

I am new to Ruby and Ruby frameworks, so if I am to take this on alone there will be a steep learning curve for me initially.

It would be great to get our pods looking ‘nice’ with positive UX being quite important for the less techy of users, I believe this proposed integration would certainly help toward that somewhat.

I will come back to this thread to report any progress.


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Xabber web looks like a full-screen xmpp client, nothing to be used as overly for something like diaspora. So it doesn’t look like something we can use from diaspora.

If you still want to play with it, have a look at this file, that’s where the current jsxc is included: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/blob/develop/app/assets/javascripts/jsxc.js