Diaspora* stickers

We just receive this message on the press email:


I’m Stefano from Unixstickers.com, an online store on Linux and Open Source merchandising, I’m reaching you to propose a collaboration with our store for Diaspora stickers.

We would really love to add Diaspora to our shop, we already partnered with some big projects like OpenSUSE, Xubuntu, and many others are coming, as of our partnership we periodically provide free stickers and pins for conferences or whatever they need basing on our sales, in change of visibility on their websites, socials or blogs, in alternative we can also share the sticker’s revenues with the project.

Many customers have already asked for your stickers and it would be awesome to add them to our collection and start a partnership with you and tour team.

Thanks for your time, let me know what you think about.

Best, Stefano.


I think it’s a nice idea :slight_smile:

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Sounds good. :slight_smile:

Yes, this sounds very good. I found on this website something on the right side, a box with an information about donation to this project buying a sticker. Look here for example. I think that sounds interessting.

Unixstickers.com is the most awesome, bought a whole lot of stuff from there, very good quality. I’ve written many times for them to add diaspora* - nice to have them wanting to support us!

Of course we cannot accept any money since as discussed before, we need to know what to use it on first, right? :slight_smile: But at least people can buy quality stickers.

I just replied saying “yeah we’re interested, tell us more” - basically :slight_smile:

I think we should do a vote just to have it officially that we allow the branding to be used. Not that it is likely anyone will oppose. I’ll set one up.

Also, we should discuss some things;

  1. How we will give unixstickers.com visibility on for example our project site? They give free swag for that.

  2. Do we want a part of the sales? In theory we could, since they could pay it to the FSSN paypal account. It’s likely to be peanuts unless everybody buys stickers.

All I know is I can’t wait to have one on my laptops :smiley:

Proposal: Allow Unixstickers.com to use our branding for stickers

Allow permission to use our branding for exchange of possibility to buy good quality stickers.

Outcome: Permission to use diaspora* branding for producing merchandise has been granted to unixstickers.com


  • Yes: 15
  • Abstain: 1
  • No: 0
  • Block: 0

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Just joined this “group”. Wanted to say that I think it’s an excellent idea :smiley:

Here is how I see the deal:
We authorize them to use our brand on stickers and we promote the store on the official website.
In exchange, they give us a % of the sells revenue.

The world needs more Diaspora stickers.

Please please please design one that goes over the lit up Apple logo on the back of my MacBook :slight_smile:

What do we know about the deal. I’m all in favour of stickers, and raising money, but can’t vote on this proposal until we know more about what the deal would be, what they’re offering and what we’d be giving them.

Reply from Stefano @ Unixstickers.com;

Hello Jason,

Awesome, thanks for replying, we’re incredibly happy to work together with project maintainers :slight_smile:

What we usually propose is the following:

  • We produce a full collection of merchandising (starting with Stickers and Pins, then extending to t-shirts if the we agree and the experiment works) – Products are high quality, no compromises on this.
  • You get a revenues share of 35% on Diaspora products.
  • We send you loads of merchandising at production cost (or free, depending on quantity) to give away or sell at conferences and events

Is there anything we can do about the official vote? Let me know if you need any other information.

What we ask from your side would be the following, let me know what you can and can’t do:

  • A blog post
  • Twitter/Facebook message
  • Message on your newsletter/newsgroup/forum
  • Link on your site

Let me know :slight_smile:

Best, Stefano.


I’ll vouch personally for the high quality of the stuff - I’ve ordered loads, just ordered more for my new work laptop a few days ago.

I’ll make a new proposal relating to the deal Stefano proposes, with all the details so we can either close this to proceed, or if a majority disagrees, we can discuss further.

If someone has questions, post here and someone from the press team will send the questions out.

At least a few questions come to mind;

  • How the design process works
  • Is PayPal ok (since we’re stuck with that - as sad as it is…)

I think checking back with the FSSN whether they would be ok with accepting revenue through such an agreement would be ok with them is the only major blocker for this.

Thanks Jason and Jonne. Sounds good!

@jonnehass sure we can ask - someone got a contact email?

I’ll send that email off to the FSSN when I have a moment today, I’ll make sure to bring the stickers up. :slight_smile:

@seantilleycommunit got a moment to send out the mail yet?

Sean sent the mail, we are now waiting for an answer from FSSN.

Do you know if the stickers would sell cheaper if we disclaimed the revenue share?

Yay, stickers! :slight_smile: