Editing posts - possible?

@alexanderzatko : As I said in my vote it is possible to correct a typo by deletion.

Complete deletion should still be possible with the edit feature because it gives you an opportunity to take back something wrong you said.

yes, everyone typos and wants to fix.

I’m afraid I see this vote as meaningless, because it ignores all issues, technical and otherwise, involved in such a feature, and all that is left is a contentless ‘I wish’.

Guess why I don’t even bother to vote :wink:

I’m afraid I see this vote as meaningless

If I remember correctly the vote was needed to keep the Github issue open :stuck_out_tongue: (yes, that is stupid)

I don’t think it’s meaningless. It’s a discussion about project aspirations; and editing posts is something other decentralized platforms (RedMatrix, Tent.io) have been able to implement. There are ways to make something like this work, but it isn’t by any means a small feature.

This is a discussion about whether we should look at things further and give it a try. As there is always room for improvement, I think it’s worth giving it a shot.

By far meaningless… most days, I edit my redmatrix posts because a single word was left out, which changes the entire message, then I say, F@#!, this federated to all my diaspora contacts too, and they won’t get the edit.

@sethmartin editing is not meaningless, that was clear from the vote. Goob just indicated that the vote was meaningless :slight_smile: I think it’s clear this feature is wanted by the community.

I think it’s clear this feature is wanted by the community.

From the vote, it’s only clear that it’s ‘wanted by the community’ without consideration of all the technical hurdles or even whether it’s a good idea in the first place. Hence why I think the vote (and result) is meaningless.

The vote doesn’t address technical aspects of implementing it, but that’s a separate topic. First it’s good to figure out whether it’s something diaspora* users want or not. I think the majority want it (it’s a frequently requested feature). If you agree that it’s something worth pursuing, then someone should open a thread (or use this one) with proposals of how to implement it.

I have to bump this, maybe one will think about a technical solution for implementing the editing post feature. As previously stated, there are big technical issues which bar us from working on this. However, it’s altogether possible, we just need to figure out a pertinent creative solution :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about the technical aspects. I can create a comment and it will federate. Then I can delete the comment, and it will disappear in federation, too. So why couldn’t my edits also federate?

I can create a comment and it will federate.

Not reliably, at the moment.

Then I can delete the comment, and it will disappear in federation, too.

Not reliably, at the moment.

So why couldn’t my edits also federate?

It wouldn’t be reliable.

To be or not to be reliable, that is the question.

We would like to add this feature to Diaspora and have written a software specification in a Google Drive document that is shared by the following link:

We have written scenarios and step tests. Please review. If you think anything should be changed or added, please use the Google Doc / Drive comment system (select/highlight text, right click, select Comment (or CTRL+ALT+M), write your comment).

We will do our best to make sure we incorporate comment suggestion into our development, but we cannot guarantee they will make it into the final pull request.

ITpedia Solutions is funding the full development cost to fix this issue and this currently exceeds the bounty offered. Please consider contributing to the bounty. Thanks for your support and input!

Yes please! I would like to see this new feature as well, together with a post history.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Any progress on this?

Not recently. The protocol changes have been done, now an UX has to be imagined.

There are too many open topics about posts edition. I close this one in favor of Feature proposal: Editing of posts

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