Enabling and supporing the API?

Ok, this may be a simple question, but…

I am trying to use the mobile App mentioned here: iOS App for Diaspora - #21 by tclaus

When I attempt to authenticate to my pod, it says it cant reach the API…
So, the first dumb question, is the API supported in version 0.7.15? I’ve found some info online that says 0.8.0 is when its intended to be supported, but that its to be considered unstable before that, not that its flat out missing. Is it disabled by default? can I turn it on? Or do I need to run a different build of Diaspora?


The insporation* app only is supported by the 8.0.0 Version, which is nearly finished now. You can find pods running the 0.7.99 version, which is the development version of the ‘8’ which supports the API you need.

Thanks! I’ve recently stood up my own pod, so I’d rather use it there. I’d also rather not run the dev branch. Guess I’ll wait until release.

I appreciate the response!

Don’t hold your breath for the ‘8’ it has got some new fresh attention, but still has some work to do.
However, the API seems to be stable enough for using the app.

is 7.99 stable enough to run? I can certainly tolerate a little instability, but I’d rather not have a system that’s down more than its up. I would like to be able to use Diaspora. :smiley: