Improve the "How we communicate" page

We have a wiki page called “How we communicate”. And I think of some improvements to make there and want to discuss it.

First we have google groups mentioned and they were recently marked as derecated. So instead of just marking them maybe we should just shut them down and remove mentions from this page?

The label says “We do not use Google groups anymore, please come on Github to report bugs and talk about the code or on Loomio for everything else.”

What I think though, is that while GitHub is not a support platform, Loomio doesn’t fit this neither. It won’t be great if people start posting support requests on Loomio, becaus Loomio is a decision making platform.

So currently we have only one support channel defined, it is IRC. IRC is IM which is not fine for all of the cases. Google Groups were useful as non-IM communication and shuting it down leaves us without a proper non-IM support platform.

Maybe we should use diaspora itself as one then? We could define the way to reach the team on diaspora if one needs support at the “How we communicate” page, e.g. by mentioning diaspora hq account or using a special hashtag.

Also we can make our IRC channel more accessible to people who don’t want to use IRC for any reason. In order to do that we can describe at the “How we communicate” page the way to connect the IRC channel using and XMPP by trasnports. The latter makes even more sense considering that diaspora now has XMPP integration and therefore many diaspora users already have XMPP accounts so they don’t have to register anywhere else to use the support channel (except of XMPP-IRC transport maybe).

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So maybe we can remove Mailing lists from the “How we communicate” now?

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So maybe we can remove Mailing lists from the “How we communicate” now?

+1 from me.

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Since the closure of the mailing lists had been announced not too long ago (March 22, 2017) I’d keep the warning box for two months or so but remove everything else under that section. It doesn’t make sense to explain how to sign up for something that is no longer being used.

The mailing list portion could be replaced by Dennis’ remarks about the mailing list mode in Discourse.

Okay, I removed most of the section, besides the unsubscription instructions.