I think for a community discussion site it is a good idea for a discussion thread where new members can introduce themselves with a few words and at the same time indicate some skills they have and how they would like to help the project.

This is that thread - so introduce yourself!

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My name is Jason Robinson from Helsinki, Finland and I’ve been involved in Diaspora* mainly as a user for several years. Since the community governance move I’ve been participating more actively.

I run my own pod where you can find me at

I am interested in community building, spreading the word and development.

I’m Pawel Chojnacki from Poland, and I’m a Diaspora supporter with very little skill - I can do some coding in Python (mainly SciPy), and I’ve done some translating /bugfixing for ruby inflection modules.

I’m Randall from Vancouver BC. I’ve been enjoying Diaspora since the early days and promoting it to the large Ubuntu community that I am part of. I’m here to help raise awareness and to pitch in wherever I can.

Taylor McLeod, from Victoria - very close to Vancouver.

I’m interested in and have skills and experience related to: non-profits, volunteer management, community organizing and outreach, fundraising, event planning, , governance, and other areas in that vein.

I have a basic understanding of the coding spectrum of things but no hard coding skills (yet!).

Hi! I’m Flaburgan / Antoine D. from Grenoble, France. I’m a Mozilla and Diaspora contributor. I know HTML5 and CSS3, and Java. I’ll try to learn Backbone.js as soon as possible, and maybe Ruby and Rails if I have time…

Hi, I am Michael from Berlin, Germany. I joined the diaspora network in August 2011. I have strong skills in Java (Enterprise) Development, XML technologies and SOA and know about HTML and CSS. I learned some basics of Ruby on the Coursera programming languages course by Dan Grossman.

I hope this course will give me some deeper understanding how diaspora works and how to contribute. There are some features I really love to see eg. Mozilla persona (browserID) support or the use of the W3C camera API on the mobile site.

Hi, I am Al Snow from metro-Atlanta, GA USA. I am taking the Diaspora Eliademy Course that Jason is running. Long time developer/tester and currently learning Rails by practicing by helping different open source Ruby-on-Rails projects.

Hello everyone! =) I am L3MNcakes, a self-taught developer from Colorado, USA. I have strong skills with both relational and non-relational databases. PHP and Python are my strongest programming languages, but I’ve recently picked up Ruby and Diaspora is getting me familiarized with Rails. I have dabbled in distributed systems and find them fascinating. On the front-end, I am also strong with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but these things interest me far less than server-side stuff. This is the first open source project that I’ve made contributions to! =)

Forgot to add that I can be found at :wink:

hi there! i´m klaus consine, currently involved in the course to work with D* on eliademy
i have an account on
student of system engineering and developer, trying to make things the right way and trying to figure out what is the right way to do things =)

Hi, I am lebarjack or François Périchon. I work as a sysadmin and a software developer in a French university.

I had problem with facebook who blocked my account because Le Barjack wasn’t supposedly my real name. I had to send them scans of my papers to be able to close the account. That’s what made me understand that facebook wasn’t a good thing for me, and neither for anyone.

I set up my D* pod a year ago, after trying several other free distributed social networks.

You can reach me at

Hello! I’ve recently enrolled in the Eliademy course for Diaspora. I’m a web designer/developer from Northwestern United States, who has been using Diaspora 2-3 years now. I’ve always been interested in having a free software, decentralized social network, and D* seems to be the best around currently. I’ve been looking for ways to learn more about it and help out with the project, and this class looks like a good way to get started!

My Diaspora ID is

Hi, I am Aruna Herath, from Sri Lanka. Should someone wonder its a beautiful little island below India. I am a computer science and engineering undergraduate. I have a good experience with Java, some with python, a little with ruby. I am learning Ruby on Rails and backbone.js and hoping to become a valuable contributor for Diaspora.

Hi Aruna, and welcome. I’d love to visit Sri Lanka one day. I was enjoying watching another Herath bowling a year ago, when England toured there.

It’s great to have another developer on board.

I’m Stephen from Florida and I like the sunshine. Also, i’m getting started working with diaspora.

Just a quick question… How do you invite others to loomio?

And a follow-up, you invite someone by arriving on the Diaspora Community page, and on the right side click the “Add New Member” button. It appears I currently have 63 invites left.

I think those invites are for the whole Diaspora* project. But Loomio I think have promised us more if we run out :slight_smile:

Anyway, don’t spam invites to people who have not requested them :slight_smile: