(Monthly) development review

I’d like to create a (monthly) development review we can share via diasporahq and maybe the planet. It should include all contributions to the diaspora* codebase but should also try to be not too technical so even “normal” users should get a vague idea of what is going on. I’ve already started a review for December which we can continue until the end of the month.


We can share it in the first week of January and then start with a new review of the next month.

Help would be much appreciated. I am not a native speaker and I guess I already described some things too technical. Feel free to add more contributions as soon as they have been merged into our codebase.

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nice idea Steffen … pencil me in,i will offer what i can … be open to all things 2015

Cool idea man :slight_smile:

Really like the idea. One of the most recurrent problem I’ve heard is that non-devs find hard to find infos on what is beeing done.

That would be fantastic. I tried to do that with DHQ (to mirror what the original core team did at the start of the project) but I found it too much work to do each month and also didn’t understand a lot of the development stuff, so it wasn’t that easy for me anyway. If some people who really understand what’s going on would be happy to do this, it would be a really good addition to the communication. I’d suggest putting it on the project blog as well as DHQ.

I’d love to help as much as I can, which is most likely to be in terms of helping with the prose, and posting via blog and DHQ.

Thanks for the initiative!


Sharing your proposal on d* right now,

Super important proposal

Very good idea, I’d be glad to help.

Sounds like a plan. If you need graphics to explain textually complex things, just wave in my direction. :slight_smile:

Is it ready yet? :smiley:

@rich1 I hope we aren’t done yet with diaspora* development for this month so I’d say no :wink:

For the commits so far there are three commits done by @jhass which lack an explanation. Some of the other explanations could also need some improvements so whoever would like to help: go ahead and improve the review: http://pad.spored.de/p/development_review

Awesome if you could lead this @steffenvanbergerem ! I’m sure help will be available, but someone needs to get their hands dirty and take the lead :slight_smile:

I can at least help with sharing the posts via the official channels. Will from time to time most likely be able to help with compiling too.

@jasonrobinson Sure, I just updated the list of contributions in the pad. Still, if anyone would like to help:

You don’t have to be a developer to improve the review which is available in the pad (and still WIP).

  • Read the existing review:

    • Is there anything you don’t understand and you think one could explain it in a less technical way? Add a note to that description you don’t understand.
    • You understand a description but think you have a better (less technical, more precise, …) explanation? Change the exisiting one!
    • You think you can improve the linguistic correctness of the review? Do it!
  • You are aware of a new contribution?

    • Add a link (to the pull request, if no pull request to the commit itself) to the review
    • If you have a vague idea what that commit does: explain it
  • You still think that you can’t contribute to the review but you would like to help? Share the link to the pad with your contacts who might be able to improve it.

Hey! I’ll have a look for sure. We already talked about that during the last meeting and on the bugmash monday topic I think.

I wonder if this review may be publicated on our devblog, or something else ? And then, will it be destined to other devs, or to each diasporan ? Indeed if it’s to be shown to each of us, it would be interesting to set a translation group. I’m quite interesting to translate it into french.

I added the missing contributions for the last month. It would be great if you could improve the wording and make the list as user friendly as possible. (and as dev friendly as needed) Feel free to edit the review and also look out for mistakes or missing commits. You can also add some feedback in this thread if there is something which needs to be improved but you don’t know how to do that. As soon as this is ready it would be great if someone could post it via diasporahq and the blog.
@y.semin This review is meant for each member of our community. It would be great if you could translate it into French once it is ready. I am not sure what would be the best way to distribute the french translation but I guess we’ll find a solution.

@steffenvanbergerem I first thought to the diasporaforum.org (@rich1) . But maybe we could spread it on D*, so the wole community sees its devs are alive. what are tour feelings about this ?

Please feel free to post anything you like to the forum (and in as many languages as you wish) - the forum belongs to everyone :slight_smile:

Once this is finalised, it would be good to share it on the blog and within D* through the Diaspora HQ account - I can help with both of those.

@goob There was no reaction for more than 5 days so I’d consider this “finalised”. It would be great if you could read the review and look out for some obvious mistakes. (language-wise) Afterwards you can share this on the blog and the diaspora* hq account if no one has any objections.