Not public reshare

I would like to suggest to add the possibility to reshare something without posting it as public.

According to me the fact to add the possibility to choose the aspect used with the reshare can add a very big value to D*.

From my user experience : there is a lot of thing that I am not resharing because I don’t want to set it public : it is a little bit annoying.

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Heu… Duplicate !?

Hum this is not a duplicate .

I think this is.

Hello, in the discussion linked by Augier it is what he named “augmented reshare” that would include the ability to change the visibility, plus other things. I agree with Tekarihoken tthat the ability to simply reshare the same post to a limited aspect would be usefull.

Yeah, but maybe it can be discussed in the other thread instead of always opening a new one !?

@Augier : First : I haven’t seen your post yesterday.

Added to that : your solution is given to a closed proposition that is dealing with the problem of resharing occurence not about resharing visibility.

I don’t see the interest to mix every subject that is dealing with resharing into a single topic.

Added to that your proposition do not solve my problem : it do not permit to reshare an original post with a customized visibility and is producing the same result as copy/paste.

Seriously ? You really don’t read ?
The thread is called “reshares” it is about reshares discussing.

Plus, you never do researches before onpening a thread on a forum ?

I am not sure that you have understood the philosophy of Loomio.
Loomio is decision-making oriented.This is not a forum with infinite thread. Discussing about different subject into a single one is stupid : the subjects should be decoupled.

Soo yes I have done a search and I have found the indicated thread. I have also noticed that the topic that was dealing with resharing occurence. That is why I have decided to open a new one in order to avoid the confusions.

TBH, I think this belongs on github as it is purely a feature request - not really much to discuss since the wish seems very clear.

It’s already on Github:

I would vote for this, the default public reshare makes it insecure - i don’t want all internet to know if the I reshared something, only my aspects should know.

Thank you @goob. It seems that there is a lot of people that is waiting for this feature. Is there a technical reason why nobody has already implemented it ? (or it is due to a lack of developer).

i think this is important, just because of the fact i don’t want to post something public just for sharing it with my people. copy and repost limited is annoying. so i’d vote for this

Seriously, I don’t see why this can’t be a part of this idea and why you continue to comment this…

Proposal: reshare reach control

This thread sadly seems to be dead, but there is demand for an implementation of “reshare privacy” as you can see here as well as on github and in the d* community outside these forums.

Therefore I propose that the confirmation window asking whether one actually wants to reshare the selected post be modified to show a dropdown menu, just like the one you use to modify your original posts’ reach. This menu would contain all your aspects, “public” being the default option.

I believe this would enhace d*'s user-friendliness without being an overly extensive change.

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 6
  • Abstain: 1
  • No: 4
  • Block: 1

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@globulle I also think that is a nice idea, but bundeling different proposals into a big one makes the democratic process a lot slower, since it’s way harder to find majorities that will agree with all the details of a complex proposal. Precise, smaller steps are the better way to handle this, I think. In the thread you linked, it seems peeps didnt quite understand your intentions. The best strategy might be to make another proposal for adding a field to write a message in on the reshare comfirmation window, over at your old thread. This way, our ideas could run parallel and everyone knows exactly what they’re voting for! :slight_smile:

@deadsuperhero Thanks for bringing that up, I admittedly didn’t think about it. But since private posts are not resharable in the first place, I don’t see reason for concern there (unless I misunderstood your meaning…?). If the feature I suggested would be implemented as I said in the reshare-confirmation-dialog, you couldn’t possibly access it for a private post. I hope you reconsider your decision!

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to offer tools to move content created by others as public to private. The person whose post is reshared might not be able to see the reshare, which to me would be odd.