Relaunch as central starting point for the complete project and community overview

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I suggest a relaunch with a simple CMS at the main domain and the following features ie on subdomains.

people / community
I have always liked the member grid view on the site. Could we have a registration with approving by community team where all members can write about themselves some lines

blogs: Who want’s can blog onsite. Probably should need approvement by some people.
“planet feature” all onsite blogs and chosen 3rd site blogs get aggregated in one blog, approved by doc team on

A good wiki on , write access to self registered users.

lateron generated api docs on

use github api to gather update on issues readonly

(I could care for the hosting, administration;
Taking care of reliability of the servers and software on the subdomains a few people should double check.

Chat stays on freenode
Code on github , readwrite issue tracker

feed bots to spread all news: blog posts, issue updates, etc on diaspora, posting to 2-3 big pods and to all other where podmins enable that.

Has anybody had similar ideas yet?!

I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot. DiasporaProject.prg would be a prime place to centralize links and info. Things like a Planet, API reference, docs, etc.

Really, I have only two requests:

1.) Do it in Drupal. It’s very flexible as a CMS, and it’s one of those things that I don’t mind investing extra effort in. We also need to think about docs.

2.) If we’re going to do it, we need to do so quickly. I would like to assist in designing the layout and look.

Some good other FOSS sites that do this well are the Elementary Project, KDE, and Gnome sites.

So you want the site at the root domain in drupal? Fine for me and I would work on it. Input for layout and design is welcome and needed. Yes

For all features I mentioned I welcome drupal, but I’d like to hear some other voices:
What you all think if most people like better a wiki (mediawiki) to care for documentation??

So most people will be satisfied. - We could setup this proposal and spread the word quickly.

I checked the sites you mention and found kde prepares their docs offsite and post links to pdf files so this is different to us.
gnome uses for contributed docs also a wiki, I guess moinmoin
And elementary project does it in a “drupal book” style ie.

We could start with drupal - contact me here for admin password
If we like to leave it here, you could set the ANAME entry to my IP lateron.

I am pretty much open to everything you suggested. My preference for a wiki would be mediawiki, since I use it myself and I have some experience with it (it can also be set up to generate pdfs and it has a nice api).
To me, what is important would be a single-sign-on to whatever software we will end up using, possibly with my github credentials (oauth?)

Or maybe we just quickly make Diaspora an OpenID provider, I bet there’s a gem for that…

Checking oauth for drupal…

I vote Yes! I had similar ideas. Diaspora is not using the domain as they should (It is way to static and hardly ever updated). And it should be a link from to

Proposal: Relaunch

Relaunch as central starting point for the complete project and community overview.

Proposal by Groovehunter,

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I am OK with doing a CMS offsite for documentation for now, but are we agreed with what documentation IS?

I am not OK with doing a CMS offsite in the long term, because it can’t be closely coupled with the user experience on the stream.

If it can be (such as integrating the same login/auth), I’d like to know how that would work in the long term. I’d like more discussion on that.

How would such an interaction be fluid and NOT confusing to new users?

Made this mediawiki for now

@Florian do you have idea what mediawiki extension is best for markdown syntax?
@all drupal oauth-connector , any experiences?

  • will be back in 5h Another tool ANOTHER Site :)) keep smiling!

I totaly agree with this. Also I think drupal is a good choice. I’ve got some experience with it and could help.
A discussion about the documentation platform I already opened here:

And I’m still in the opinion that mediawiki is a good choice!

@groovehunter I think we should just go with the mediawiki syntax, which is more powerful and wide-spread anyway.
It would also make sense to do an automated github-to-mediawiki conversion and then start working on improving the imported pages.

Same goes for the Drupal page; for now it’s probably best to replicate what’s already there and then start to work and improve upon that. (I really have no experience with Drupal, so I’m hoping you can import stuff there, too)

If there are no blockers until this proposal runs out, I’d also suggest you announce this on the mailing list(s), to let people know about the plans and get them involved, if they want to.

From my point of view we are just chasing tools, and not discussing why we need them. I don’t see any improvement from before the community-driven mandate was made.

Seems more of the same. Sorry…

@Florian I wanted markdown extension only for the beginning. So I enabled one markdown extension which works quite okay but unfotunately it switches everything, one cannot choose and start new pages in mediawiki syntax. So a markdown-mediawiki conversion is needed. The amount of pages is still possible to do it manually with 2-3 people.

@Jakob great you like to do some drupal.
Where do we go on with the plans? Is right on the site okay

The former discussion you started had no posts for a week and can easily be subsumed in a new thread. At the moment I don’t want to open, first do some conceptual work on the wiki structure.

@Florian @all Could anyone post an abstract of this to the google group!?

I think that Diaspora Project should contain a page “How subscribe to Diaspora” explaining the difference between pods and how to choose one.