Relaunch as central starting point for the complete project and community overview

@groovehunter let’s wait for the proposal to finish, but it’s looking good right now :wink:

39% have stated their position. I can close the proposal right now :slight_smile:

Just an idea : we should ask to everybody on Diaspora if they can help us. There is a lot of web dev in. We have the list on the pad but we don’t have an easy way to talk to them.

My idea : each time someone wants help to do something, he posts it on Diaspora with the hashtag #whatcanidofordiaspora or something like that.

We just have to spread the world with Diaspora HQ that people who wants to help have to search this hashtag :slight_smile:

Altruism : 39% < 51% :stuck_out_tongue:

39% < 100% if we want consensus :S

“we don’t have an easy way to talk to them” we have e-mail addresses to almost all of them, just invite them here :slight_smile:

To invite all on the pad is a very good idea. Seems that not many are yet here. I created a column for “is on loom” on my sheet and will invite a few I know.

To ask too many new people at once I would abstain as too many new opinions with not knowing each other well brings confusion. To do some work there are quite enough people yet.

groovehunter, what is your opinion on the decision making process?

I have created a called Team. When we have a decision on this relaunch proposal we can invite them there? This also makes me think AGAIN about how we are going to manage priorities. That priority does this relaunch proposal have? Can we estimate this? What do you think? Maybe on a scale 1-4?

Priority: 4
Statement: It is natural to be as inclusive as we can and it is a proposal that the community can see being a direct result of Diaspora Inc giving the control to the community. As my amigo Movilla said “The community needs it” :slight_smile:

You mean regarding type of voting, majority or consensus? Here or in general?
If there is some participation, quite active and a dozen people vote (out of ~30) I guess that’s fine.

We might start thread to ask the feelings about duration of proposals, or a guideline that in the beginning people agree on a simple majority 51% type of voting. Pity we have no profile pages where one can state: I can check only every 3 days or so.

@altruism : About order of development, priority is the more important point. Another point is who is available, and with what skills ? Resources are limited, we have to use it in the good way.

For example, for me, the most important work to do is to make a protocol which WORKS. But I’m not a network expert. So I can work on diasporaproject, even if it is not the thing with the highest priority

If we do not get more people involved in the Diaspora project who is going to design, code, document and test the protocol?

An intelligent economist (if there is such thing) would say: if you do not have enough cake… make a bigger cake! Do not fight about it the small one :slight_smile:

I totally agree about it, i was not talking about that, but about skills of people involved. I’m sorry if my messages are not clear, I don’t speak English very well…

Skills you say? The same thing… make the cake bigger! :slight_smile: Your English is good Flaburgan, much better than my french, I promise.

guess I am going to bed… added some skills+interest as taxonomy, Wanted to create the awesome hierarchical select widget … cu

Just wanted to give an update. I’m doing a stripped-down prototype on my own server, because GrooveHunter’s got like 350 modules, and I don’t want to make more of a mess if he’s putting something together.

So, after some hacking, I’ve managed to properly replicate Planet functionality using the Advanced Aggregator module, which makes Aggregator items fieldable. This means we can now have our much-sought-after Hackergotchis, like Planet Gnome and Planet KDE do, but with proper user integration. Using the References module, we can properly attribute a feed to a person. Using Views, we can render it all out as one nice stream of blog post snippets, which is perfect for what Planet does.

There’s only one entry, imported from the Diaspora tag on my blog, but it works well so far. Take a gander:

(Also, please excuse the crap layout. I haven’t yet gone ahead and added custom CSS to it yet. :stuck_out_tongue: )

@Sean: Is Planet an aggregator?

@Dr. Groove: Thanks for all your work. I’m still a little ambivalent about deciding on a CMS without really being clear what the community IS. Once the thing is up, it would make it difficult and perhaps defeatist to the larger feeling if it ended up not coming together and gaining momentum. I know this sounds negative, but I really do not mean it to be negative.

I am fine with doing a CMS at if it can be made easy to navigate for any profile of user (of any expertise) and it is coupled closely to the stream experience (at least as much as possible and better than in the past). I’m not sure how that might be, but it should be simple to jump back and forth and not get lost in it.

@MP: Yes, Planet is a type of aggregator specifically geared towards sharing blog entries from members around a specific community. My prototype works similarly to Planet Ubuntu (, Planet Gnome ( and Planet KDE ( It’s useful because it allows familiar faces in the community to connect their blogs together.

I, for one, have always enjoyed reading and browsing the various Planets over the years, as it provides a lot of different community voices, and is great for keeping even a total newbie or non-techie updated as to what’s going on.

The way it works is simple: users registered on our central site will be able to submit a feed from their blog to be added to the Planet. Specifically, the feed points only to Diaspora-related topics; their own personal blogs don’t just have to be about Diaspora. We’re only interested in aggregating relevant content to D*. :slight_smile:

It might be one step in a larger solution to not just having communication purely being on the mailing lists and IRC, and at the very least, the outside world gets a better perspective of what’s going on.