Relaunch as central starting point for the complete project and community overview

(tortoise) #41

@Sean: Well… it sounds good. Let’s see what happens. :slight_smile:

(Flaburgan) #42

I’m wondering how can we deal with languages. I often write about Diaspora on my blog, but it’s in French. So, what do we do ? Don’t display it on the planet ? Display it raw ? Display it after translation ? Make another planet specific for this language ? …

(Jason Robinson) #43

Flaburgan, personally I’d say just keep all languages in the same feed. It’s not like there will be so much posts that people will feel spammed :wink: Let’s keep things simple.

(groovehunter) #44

Content can be filtered by language, which is a basic attribute of a node when i18n is enabled.

(goob) #45

Who has the keys to the and sites? I.e. FTP access to the servers? I assume Dan and Max - Sean, can you get these off them so that we can start work on those sites? Perhaps the files could be put on Github somewhere, if they’re not already there.

(Sean Tilley) #46

Unfortunately, we don’t own the domain. Someone else registered it and pointed it to our server. We own, but I think that would be more applicable for a foundation site. I can try to talk to the domain owner, and worst case scenario, we can try to register

(tortoise) #47

what about

(goob) #48

Maybe we could come up with a new name. It would be unwise, I think, to use a domain name which isn’t in the control of people within the Diaspora community, as it’s possible the person who owns it might hold you to ransom in the future if it’s an address which is used in D* marketing/outreach (‘unless you give me lots of money this domain will be filled with porn’ etc). Hopefully not, but it’s a possibility. I just looked up the person who registered the domain and couldn’t find them on Diaspora. Of course they could be there under a pseudonym and might be one of the core Diaspora community members, but it would certainly be worth finding out before going ahead.

I’d suggest coming up with a similar domain as the one which is advertised, one which D* core people have registered themselves. Perhaps Or perhaps the D* project is more than a network so that’s not appropriate?

Madame Philo’s suggestion of is a good one, although it runs into the problem that a lot of people will misremember it as and will therefore go to the non-D* site (if the domain owner stopped it forwarding to D*'s domain).

(goob) #49

Sorry, the domain in question is of course, not .com.

(Jason Robinson) #50

I like .org better than .net - and since gazillions of links already point to .org it would be good to ask first if the .org domain holder would give up the domain keys is not really ok since there is no foundation and who knows if there will be :slight_smile:

(goob) #51

Sean, now you’ve set up (great work, by the way), it’s probably a good idea to get redirected to this domain rather than (which it currently points to), as this latter one is out of your control.

(Sean Tilley) #52

I need to finish up a few things here and there on it. The basic functionality is all there, all that needs to be done:

  1. Some copyediting / page design. It’d be great to have some help coming up with ways to explain Diaspora and it’s importance. Looking at for inspiration.

  2. If possible, a new video. I think a good community-made video would be great on the front page, it just needs to be made responsive for different layouts.

  3. MediaWiki bridge needs setup (wiki’s almost ready)

  4. Maybe a simple user dashboard to make it really easy to use for non-admins?

Oh also, the Planet needs blogs. I’ve messaged a few people already about blogging about what they’re working on, if you’d like to be featured on the Planet doing this, by all means let me know.

(goob) #53

I used to be a professional copy-writer/editor so will be happy to help with this. There’s already a fair bit of material that I and others wrote last year for when the foundation site was set up, that never got ported on to it, and some of that may still be relevant. Drop me a line.

(Sean Tilley) #54

Awesome, will do.

(goob) #55

Hi Sean, looking again at and, I notice that redirects to and not the other way around, as was stated before. This suggests that, when this was done, was considered the main site, and also means that the files for that site must have been uploaded to that server. So the person who runs that site must have connections with the founders.

Would you mind asking Maxwell if he knows the details, and how you can contact this person (Whois gives it as Rene Kabis, although this might of course not be the person who actually runs the site)? They must have had contact with this person when deciding to redirect to this site, and must have passed the files to them.

If we can get them to redirect to when it is launched, that would be much better - I think it’s likely that people looking for the site would often miss out the hyphen, and end up at an old/dead site. If it, and, point to the new site, it’ll be much better.

Hopefully Maxwell or Dan will have some answers.

Thanks in advance.

(raven24) #56

I’m confident that Sean (and all the other people involved) will establish the redirects correctly, once the site is done

(goob) #57

Sean said (see below) that he didn’t have contact with the owner of I think it would be worth trying to establish contact to get this sorted out before launching Ideally we’d get ownership of the domain transferred to an active community member, but getting it redirected to would be better than the situation at the moment - the site being hosted by someone who doesn’t seem to be active.

(Sean Tilley) #58

Well, the domain expires in February. We can easily set the old Diaspora Project site to redirect to the new one by using a redirect_to function on the index page. At the very least, that would push people to the new site regardless of what its domain was, if only for the interim.

I can try and backorder the domain to future-proof the situation, but for now this seems like a good temporary fix.

(goob) #59

Thanks for your reply, Sean. It sounds like you’ve got things well under control. Are you getting funds to pay for these domains from D* donations, or do you need some contributions?

(Flaburgan) #60

Btw, and htaccess redirection to indicate to robot that the site has definitely moved is a better way to do it than a redirect function.