Release announcements

@jaywink if you post from DHQ I’ll see it in my stream and post it to the blog then. Should be popping in every couple of hours so I’ll pick it up then.

Release done, nice work everybody :slight_smile:

Bang, coming up - if no one opposes it will be pushed out tomorrow. Release announcement wip here: … feel free to edit.

I’ll be adding something about the ToS and Rake emailer to the changelog before the release and reading it through with someone before pushing the release out (sometime late evening on Sunday). I don’t mind also doing the blog since I now have access there too :slight_smile:

release notes approved :wink:

Have just edited the release announcement with links to Github profiles of contributors, plus some minor tweaks to the text.

ToS changelog looks good, have made a couple of small suggestions.

@goob thanks for the profile links, totally forgot to add them. Will make your grammar change in the changelog pull, merge it and then push out the release.

So, yeah, it’s out! Please share :smiley:

Thank you Jason!

Just blogged the release announcement and have updated the pad.

Thanks @goob!

So the good news of the week-end is the merge by Dennis and Jonne of the new federation gem by Benjamin. It’s the most important change done by the community so far.

There are still issues to solve before the release but I feel like we can start to prepare its promotion, because there is work to do :wink:

On our blog:
We could write a separate blogpost only about the new migration. I was also thinking about the OpenID connect, not sure how big we want to promote that.

In diaspora:*
We could promote 0.6 as we did for 0.1. To do that, we basically need to:

  • Choose which features we want to promote
  • Create an image for 0.6
  • Pick an hashtag for 0.6 (#diaspora0600 for example)
  • Write the posts
  • Would be even better if we can translate them

In the press:

  • Write a press release
  • Translate it
  • For each language we have a translation,
    • List the press websites which could be interested
    • Send them the press release

Any other idea?

We could write a separate blogpost only about the new migration.

I thought about that yesterday, and tried to get started, but (a) I don’t understand enough about what the changes are (apart from the fact that they are AMAZING), and (b) I’m not well enough at the moment to do it. But I would like to help if I can. If one of you wants to write something I’ll be happy to edit it and put it on the blog. Same for in diaspora and press release. Just let me know if I can help.

I reckon the image for 0.6 could somehow suggest really effective federation/communication.

Hi, is there a specific font chosen for com ?
What about this image as backgroud (can not find where it come from, was posted on diaspora here :

The ‘official’ typefaces for branding are either Roboto (a free font) or Helvetica. See this wiki article.

You’d need to establish the copyright/licence status of any image before using it.

Thanks goob. Roboto is fine. As for the licence I have no idea, tried with google reverse image search but no luck. I asked on the post above.

Just wondering : is the version number not too techy or geeky with four digits or 0600 for non technically interested people ? 0.6 or 06 would be sufficient and why not finding names (like Mac does but also Debian or Linux Mint…) ?

The 27th of August will be the birthday of diaspora* as a community run project. It was 4 years ago! It would be nice to synchronize the release of the new major version and the birthday. The traditionnal release pad is currently down. I opened a new one dedicated to the release to wrote diaspora, blog and press message.

Great idea… 4 years ! I can’t believe it ! Time’s go so fast…

Would it be possible to release 0.6 for the 27th ?

6107 is the last big blocker for the release. Do we want to officially target the 27th of August and so set it as the milestone date on github? We could start to tease officially if the date is fixed.