Thunderclap New Year's campaign

With Facebook changing its ToS once again, I think there is great momentum around the 1st of January to get people to check out Diaspora. We should use this opportunity and I suggest starting a thunderclap campaign that hits around New Year’s!

I am willing to set it up but would love your help with creating the draft :slight_smile:

If we’re doing this, we need to go about it pretty fast, so we have some time to get the thing viral amoung all diasporians who still own Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts.

So let’s do some brainstorming here!

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some grist for the mill

just keep thinking of animated exploding snowdrops (for Yule) that contain dandelion seeds expanding across a webpage - like the old Microsoft easter eggs? … the dandelion seed is the visual ploy … certainly beats a blue F :wink:

nice for a follow-up in February for Valentines Day - they love me - they love me not

lastly not a love of negative campaigning … but this might grease the drafting wheels :slight_smile:

@jakobdee are you capable of creating such animations?

my coding skills are undisciplined o_0 … but i am looking into AMOR … see how i can modify it for posting on webpage … and if it would work

@sumimasen i know how you feel … its trying to see the macrocosm to affect the microcosm … and the importance of confidence :wink: … but most just go for it - accepting falling 50 meters probably isnt a good idea … but most land like a cat :wink: … i just get frustrated at my lack of knowledge … this is also something i can do things about :slight_smile:

@sumimasen lol … if that doesnt compel you to switch or switch off … a psychiatrist may be required 0_0 … or you ARE a psychiatrist ;p

LOL @jakobdee @sumimasen No, he already switched, he’s just using facebook to promote diaspora* :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: … its okay … i was using ‘you’ in a subjective way (my subjectivity gets me into a lot of trouble ;p) … any ideas on the draft … or subconscious triggers … to me the facts and rational judgements are blatantly obvious - but its helping the blind thats the objective

i know … “come to Diaspora … at least ten of us will sleep with you” … nah … doesnt really fill the 140 characters requirement :wink: … i will get to work on a few things … if you need a bounce…illuminate the Loomio :slight_smile: good luck/have fun

Ok let’s shoot some idea’s (132 chars max):

“Facebook ABUSES the most precious thing you ouw: your friendships! It’s time for change… Join the FREE PEOPLE at Diaspora!”

“New-Years’s resolution: don’t let Facebook abuse me and my friends any longer. It’s time 4 change! Join the free people at DIASPORA!”

Facebook wants to own my privacy, my creations and my friends? No! 2015 I join DIASPORA, the social world where you are in control.

(btw sorry for my english

Facebook wants to own my privacy, my creations and my friends? No! 2015 I join DIASPORA, the social world where you are in control.

I like this :slight_smile: Though we need hashtags. So maybe;

Facebook wants to own my #privacy, my creations and my friends? No! #2015 I join #DIASPORA*, the social world where you are in control.

Deadline - I think jan 1st is too soon - unless we do this quick. Like tomorrow or something :wink:

Also we need the “longer text”, ie explaining why one should participate. And image would be nice too. And time for podmins to maybe spam their users if they want that :wink:

Jan 1st would have been nice, but too soon maybe?

@jasonrobinson I think you might be right, 1st is probably too soon to do it really well…

Btw, if you choose the free option on thunderclap you cannot pick a specific end date, they give you about two weeks for “spamming”.

We do need an image. Should we create something new, or ask permission to use an image that already exist?

A quick search:

I agree we are short of time, but I still think we should do something for the 1st of January, at least a small thing… it could be posting a blog article with everything we discussed on the official pages (Facebook, Twitter).

Ah, didn’t know Thunderclap needs money to do it effectively. Maybe whatever we can scrape together for a push on 1st of Jan then?

@sumimasen there is a lot of art here too:,_icons_and_visual_art

Personally I don’t even have time to do the old stuff I’ve taken on so I’m going to have to just keep as a commenter role here. If @sumimasen you want to take lead and go ahead with this, please do :slight_smile: