Thunderclap New Year's campaign

(sumimasen) #21

Hey thanx for that page, I hadn’t found it yet.
I appreciate you commenting @jasonrobinson
I’ll see if I can come up with something good in time. If not, I’ll go on preparing for the next opportunity so we have something ready to go.

([deactivated account]) #22

@sumimasen if you need I’d be happy to help. I really feel its a good time… I know there are people out there wanting to leave Facebook they just don’t know diaspora* exists. :slight_smile:

([deactivated account]) #23

This should be announced on d*. More people needed.

([deactivated account]) #24

@Perig Gouanvic

This should be announced on d*. More people needed.

So, please, @sumimasen @mflo @jakobdee - spread the word on diaspora*!

([deactivated account]) #25

Forgive me for not doing more, I’m having trouble catching up.

([deactivated account]) #26

@Perig Gouanvic no worries, buddy ;

(sumimasen) #27

I’d love more input! Will share again on d*…

So far I like mflo’s suggestion (“Facebook wants to own my #privacy, my creations and my friends? No! #2015 I join #DIASPORA*, the social world where you are in control.”)

But this was hardly a brainstorm. We need more sugestions to choose from. Please spend a few minutes to think of a good text (132 chars max)

We have other things to decide

-what image do we use? (I’ll look into that today, suggestions or new artwork welcome!!!)

-what webpage do we link to? (I’d say

-what suppoters goal wil we set? small(100), medium (250) or large(500) (thunderclap will not hit unless goal is reached)

-what date do we want the thunderclap to hit? approxitmately? (I’d say maybe 2nd of january. In that case we should launch the 19th of december)

-we also need a paragraph of two explaining why one should participate for on the thunderclap website. (I would really appreciate some help from an eloquent native english speaker on for this. Anyone up for this, of maybe know someone who is good at this?)

@mflo thanks you want to help out! What would you like to do?

([deactivated account]) #28

@mflo How can I help? I can translate the texts to French (the framasphere french pod reached 10’000 users on Friday) if Thunderclap allows it. I also assure my daily active help during the campaign :smiley: on d* and social networks on the French Community.

-image: I think the “I moved to diaspora” image is great for this campagn. I know the one I use for my profile can be used
I also like the picture with the dandelion (the one used for the official FB account). There are loads of dandelion gif maybe

  • I’d also say link to diasporafoundation

  • medium or large goal. I’m sure we can reach it in 2 weeks.

  • 19th of december, let’s be crazy!

  • For the text,maybe we could use the the ones on the 1st page - (Decentralisation - Freedom - Privacy)

(sumimasen) #29

Do you really think 250 to 500 backers is possible?
What are good ways to achieve this?
Is there a way to notify ALL podmins for instance?

I have to head off to somewhere right now, I but will commit tomorrow to putting together a launchable draft with the input that’s comming in today (hopefully!!) We can then adjust (and translate) it untill we feel it’s good to go. Ok?

(sumimasen) #30

Suggestion from Anime Machina:

Do not put the blame on FaceBook it will just vent off more people. I would also add a link or some thing with resources on it like a landing page with all the information.

‘Reclaim your Freedom! Join the privacy aware #diaspora* social media network!’

(Jason Robinson) #31

I’d also mention “ad free” - that is how Ello generated their buzz

‘Reclaim your Freedom! Join the ad free privacy aware #diaspora*
social media network!’

(sumimasen) #32

Reclaim your Freedom in #2015! Join the ad free privacy aware #diaspora*, the social media network where YOU are in control!

(sumimasen) #33

Keep 'm comming!!

(sumimasen) #34

Reclaim your Freedom in #2015! Join #Diaspora, the ad free, privacy aware social media network where YOU are in control!

(jakobdee) #35

tired of your eaves - dropping? weatherproof your social networking this winter … choose #Diaspora - privacy aware roofing …

(jakobdee) #36

looking for a social network vehicle that responds to your every manoevure … join the sporty #Diaspora … verstatile,fast … exclusive … (i guess im aiming at a vague market - but just adding these for fun too :))

(jakobdee) #37

@Perig i will keep on with stuff …have reshared the few D* contacts already …dont want to alienate them o_0 … still working out anims … that is when capitalism hasnt a gun at my head 0_0 … busy time .phew … but ask a busy person :slight_smile: … they got the momentum :wink:

(the gring) #38

just thought about replacing the lovely word “freedom” with the word “conscience” but maybe a little too heavy?

… reclaim your social media conscience :slight_smile:

(Jonne Haß) #39

I just leave this here…

(sumimasen) #40

OK, I tried to create some options for an image to go with the campaign. Would appreicate feedback!