Relaunch as central starting point for the complete project and community overview

(Sean Tilley) #61

@Goob: Currently, I’m paying out of my own pocket. While donations would be nice, the domain stuff really doesn’t cost all that much.

@Fla: Unfortunately, the old Diaspora Project site is a Rails app running on Heroku. I dunno if it even makes use of a .htaccess file, as Apache doesn’t seem to be part of the Heroku stack.

(raven24) #62

I think the equivalent of a .htaccess on the Heroku stack would be a simple Rack app, that serves a "Location: " redirect header on every request.

(Jason Robinson) #63

Sean, can we have the redirect from to ASAP? People are referring to the old site and it gives false info on the project.

I’m also asking this because our company is possibly interested in promoting Diaspora* - I will give more information about that a little later when I can :slight_smile: At the moment I can say we have an internal pod and our management is very excited about the whole thing.

The problem we have with the situation at the moment is that it is impossible to promote Diaspora* at the moment as there is no official project site - Google for “Diaspora project” and you will get the wrong URL. So until that redirect is in place promotion is difficult.

([deactivated account]) #64

Any news on the redirect? If the site owner does not respond, it might be a good idea to shut down the old page entirely, no? Having two pages is confusing and it’s not like there are too few entry points and platforms for diaspora already.

(Jason Robinson) #65

+1 - it would be nice to have a definite decision on this.

(Sean Tilley) #66

@jasonrobinson I’ll try and make it work this week. I’ve gotta finish copy-editing on the new site, and then introduce the redirect in the old site’s app. If anyone has any suggestions of what kind of things the new site ought to say, let me know!

(Jason Robinson) #67

What about the domain? Are we stuck with or is there any chance of getting the old one any time soon? Any info on that?

I say if no chance to get the old one soon we should just start using as the official name.

(Jonne Haß) #68

If we’re going to rename the domain I’d prefer something more distinct, diasporasn for example is free everywhere.

(Sean Tilley) #69

The domain expires in February. I can pay for the ackorder, which will grab, just keep in mind that it’s 50 USD that I’ll have to spend for it. I will pay for it as soon as I am able.

(Jason Robinson) #70 is free haha.

More seriously, is free :stuck_out_tongue: Not bad?

@seantilleycommunitymanager - if we want the site - which I think we do, don’t worry about the price. Create a paypal or something account and we can get you the money. I’ll pledge 10 USD at least.

(Flaburgan) #71

@seantilleycommunitymanager if it is about money, I can pay for it. It is 50USD for how long ? One year ? Everytime ?

(goob) #72

I’ll chip in ten bucks no problem.

(raven24) #73

yeah, I don’t think the money will be a problem, it’s the domain of an internet-based project … if that’s not a key asset, what is :wink:

(Jonne Haß) #74

@seantilleycommunitymanager just a week to go, do you still need any money or something? :slight_smile:

(Sean Tilley) #75

Nah, I managed to pay for it just fine. :slight_smile: No worries, if all goes according to plan, we should be getting the domain soon!

(goob) #76

Great work, Sean. We will have to elevate you to the level of demigod for your efforts.

(Sean Tilley) #77

lol, no thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Flaburgan) #78

Sean, I love the home page with the screen shot, this is great ! I’ll try to help you with the site next week

(Jonne Haß) #79

Derp, so the domain got autorenewed in the last couple of hours?

(Sean Tilley) #80

I got in contact with, which I paid to use their Domain Nabber service. It’s possible that Rene Kabis, the owner of the domain, set it to autorenew. Even if the Domain Nabber would have worked, we would’ve had to wait 77 days to have the domain transferred over.

I’ve yet to successfully get a hold of the domain’s owner. This is very frustrating.